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Chris O´Donnell in Who do you think you are?

The actor involved in the series, here I leave an image of Chris in the promotional video

Lily and Maeve

This pictures of Lily and Maeve O'Donnell, the rose his father, Chris O'Donnell to twitter, I leave it here for all those who could not see the image before you can see it now

4th episode 3º season of NCISLA

The fourth episode of the third season of Ncisla left us with information about Callen as well as the work of an idealistic young man who died for his country and was killed by a compatriot. The son of the murderer took place later, after a failed attempt to attack in Libya.

Ncisla 3th episode 3º season

The third episode of the third season of Ncisla, was "hiding", an episode in which we see Sam working with Deeks and Callen with Kensi. Hunter broke the team while ccasi exploited a minor mission to Ncis infiltrate to later in Europe.

It also left us with the return of Hetty, who made his first act after low Callen telling about what he knows.

episode 2, 3th season Ncisla

The second episode of the third season of Ncisla, was one called "cyber attack" in which the innocence of a teenager, led to the kidnapping of his father and left us one of the most memorable races in which Callen forward to a vehicle that was already underway. They rescued the hostage alive.

3th season ncisla

Ncisla The third season began with an episode called "Lange, H." The team had gone in search of Hetty, who tried to prevent Comescu give with Callen. I remember that Comescu were killed Callen's mother when he was 5 and playing near his mother with sand

Mix of G.Callen in Ncisla 3x19

This mix of episode Vengance. This episode emite today in Fox Crime. 

Mix of G. Callen in 3x09

This mix of Callen, is episode Betrayal, 3x09 of Ncisla

Other mix of G. Callen in Ncisla 3x01

Other mix of Callen´s mix of episode Ncisla 3x01: Lange, H.

Mix G. Callen in Ncisla 3x01

Here, the first mix of today. This is of episode 3x01, Lange, H.

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