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Pues aqui regreso y posteo de nevo, aqui los ultimos meses he andado con un monton de cosas en la cabeza y una de ellas son estas frases que he estado pensando y que me gustaria compartir con ustedes (y por k alguien me las pidio)

Última foto del fotolog de Jaehyuk
Jaehyuk · El 10/08/2010 a las 20:43

Pues aqui les empiezo a poner esta lista largisima de frases y pensamientos que por problemas con mi lenguaje natal, quedaban y se oian mejor en ingles:

- The precious memories we have, told us what are we really wishin for
- Everyday give ur best show because life is now and it is waitin for you
- The words i can say now, are no more than the right thing my heart want me to do
-Everyday I have one only chance to change my world and its called "life"
-If I cant dream, Ill make my own life a precious dream
-We all can walk our own path to the happiness, we only need the dream that will guide us to it.
-Now that our paths have crossed, I wish from the bottom of my heart that we can now built them together
-There are a lot of things we cannot see, but that doesnt mean we cannot believe in them
-The most thing I treasure from you, is your trust in me
-I bealive in you so i will go anywhere u need my help
-I cannot afford losin my hopes and faith I have in you

Usuari@ invitad@
Karina :D · El 10/08/2010 a las 20:58

Jujujuju :3!!!! muchas muchas gracias por ponerlas!!!! como me gustan tus frases, me animan mucho >< y me hacen reflexionar mucho tmb ^^!! me encantaron en serio todas son esquisitas! :D

Última foto del fotolog de Jaehyuk
Jaehyuk · El 10/08/2010 a las 21:10

Segunda Parte:

-We all can came up with the way to undestand each other
-Feel the beat of ur heart that is tellin u what ur next step would be
-We all make mistakes in life, but the true point of them is havin the determination to acept them and do the right thing
-No one is perfect, so we all have the ability to forgive
-I have my own way to see the world, but that doesnt mean that i cant acept urs
-I really dont posses anything in this world except my will
-The real thing we all want is to find our real place
-The only thing I want i the people is to be true
- Whenever I see the sky, I remember ur smile
-The music is the only think that can synchronize a feeling in all the people that hear it
-One thing I now I want is to be better, why?, because it is what will make u happy

Última foto del fotolog de Jaehyuk
Jaehyuk · El 10/08/2010 a las 21:37

Tercera Parte

-Many times we will not be happy, because life doesnt means to always have good memories. This means that in this life we all can experience a lot of painful or sad moments, or not. But that has a reason and it is to, know the feelings that other people can have and that will lead u to discover that ur not the only one in this earth and im sure that there will be someone who will help u because he knows how u feel.
-I want to say that my greatest pain is losin my trust in someone, but i will go along with it because it has taught me a lesson, I must keep strong and endure this life hardships
-Loneliness is the hardest feeling a person can endure, and I have to say the gettin out of it is imposible, without help

Usuari@ invitad@
Karina :D · El 11/08/2010 a las 23:21

Wow, increibles frases!!! como siempre,
las de la tercera parte realmente me agradaron y me hicieron reflexionar,
muchas gracias por subirlas niño :D
en serio tienes talento para esto :3

Última foto del fotolog de Rin_Sutcliff
Rin_Sutcliff · El 12/08/2010 a las 09:47


Bonita la chica de la pic, kien es?o.o

Matte ne!

Última foto del fotolog de Jaehyuk
Jaehyuk · El 12/08/2010 a las 12:46

-The imposible things, are possible when u believe in then_ Iridani 2010
-Is harder forgettin someone who has hurted u, than someone who has helped you.
-There are no greater force than the heart of a volunteer.
-If you ever get lost, I ll go and keep you strong
-In the middle of my problems, I know I can trust in you
-Eventually I ll have to do it, but meanwhile I will live these precious moments
-My friends are my greates responsability, but also my best backup
-There are things that cannot be like before.

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