Best things to do in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is just about as close to paradise as you can find on this planet. With amazing wildlife, incredible natural beauty, perfect climate, all at an affordable price, what more could you possibly need for a dream vacation?

The following are some of the best things to do in Costa Rica to make your trip to this paradise memorable:

Hit the Waves

The beaches of Costa Rica are stunning and they are home to some of the best surfing in the world. The waves are high, the water is warm, and whether you are an expert surfer or just learning to hang ten, Costa Rica is for you. Tamarindo on the Pacific coast is the most popular place to surf. People come for its wide range of surfing experiences, from the beach to the popular Witches Rock. Try nearby Playa Grande if you want to enjoy great surfing with fewer people.

Walk in the Clouds

Formed by the nearness of the sea and the topography of the earth, a tropical cloud forest has a persistent cloud cover lying over the forest canopy. Rich in vegetation and mosses, they are a wonder to experience. The cloud forests of Costa Rica are among the world’s most unique. The Monteverde Biological Cloud Forest is home to numerous orchids, ferns, and birds. Thanks to the number of canopy tours, you can literally walk amongst the clouds.

Go Sport Fishing

Costa Rica has some of the best sport fishing on its coasts, with sailfish and marlin in the Pacific and snook and tarpon in the Caribbean. There are fishing charters and excursions available in just about every part of Costa Rica, giving you a real taste of the local seas.

Go Wild

Experience the sheer abundance of wildlife by visiting one of Costa Rica’s National Parks. National Parks in the country offer guided tours where you are guaranteed to bump into sloths, macaws, and monkeys. Over 100 species of mammals live in Manuel Antonio National Park. The brave at heart may want to go on a tour of the nearby Caves of Damas to see the bats. Tortuguero is another national park that is accessible by small plane or boat. You can stay in a jungle lodge as well as tour the rainforest by boat.

Zip It

All over Costa Rica, there are zip lines set up between the trees in different heights, providing a unique opportunity of sailing high above the groundand enjoying the magnificent and most spectacular views of the forest. All you need to do is wear a climbing harness and clip yourself onto a cable and you are ready to go zipping from one platform to another. It’s fun, exciting, and quite a thrill. The best zip line tours are in Manuel Antonio, Arenal, and Monteverde.

Costa Rica is no doubt an amazing place for adventure. One trip here can fill a photo album of memories big enough to last a lifetime. If you cannot do all of the stuff mentioned above in one trip, then save some for later.

Why La Fortuna Costa Rica is worth visiting?

If you seek amazing scenery with a spectacular panoramic view of Arenal Volcano (Costa Rica’s most active volcano), then La Fortuna Costa Rica is the place for you. Located in the northern part of Costa Rica, the city of La Fortuna de San Carlos is one of the few sizable small cities and towns in what is called Costa Rica’s Northern Lowlands. But La Fortuna Costa Rica is not isolated as one might expect. It offers all the amenities that a traveler could desire. The city is easily accessible from Costa Rica’s capital San Jose.

There is Plenty to Do and See in La Fortuna

There are a lot of attractions in and around La Fortuna. Some of the most popular tourist attractions include:

  • Arenal observatory
  • Arenal’s hanging bridges
  • Tabacon Hot Springs
  • Cano Negro Wildlife Reserve
  • Lake Arenal
  • Arenal Volcano

A morning shopping trip in the town of Fortuna could include the regular Friday farmers market that is famous for its delicious baked goods, vegetables, and fresh fruits. You can also choose from a range of cheeses. If you visit La Fortuna during the annual La Fortuna Civic Festival, you will have the opportunity to enjoy lots of things such as bull fights, dancing, concerts, karaoke, food, and more.


Costa Rica’s Biggest Attraction – La Fortuna Arenal Volcano

Arenal volcano is the biggest tourist attraction of Costa Rica and due to its proximity, a lot of travelers choose to stay in La Fortuna. Arenal is the most active volcano in the country, with smoke and ash visible on a regular basis in recent years. In fact, this volcano tops the lists of the most popular tourist attractions of Costa Rica. Comfortable guesthouse and hotel accommodations are available. However, some tourists prefer the spa/resort services that are near the volcano. If you get lucky during your stay, you might witness glowing red-hot lava flowing from the Arenal mountainside at night!


La Catarata De La Fortuna Waterfall

La Catarata de la Fortuna is an amazing waterfallnear La Fortuna Costa Rica that drops more than 70 meters (200 feet) and features a favorite swimming spot for both locals as well as tourists. The waterfall is surrounded by lush green orchids and vegetation. Furthermore, travelers can also enjoy nearby Tabacon Hot Springs, a relaxing, quiet hot-springs.


Other La Fortuna Activities

Costa Rica is famous for its nature preserves, protected areas, and parks. In fact, one-quarter of the land mass of Costa Rica is now within protected reserves, parks, and refuges. La Fortuna is considered by many to be the most scenic travel destination in all of Costa Rica. Tourists with a taste for outdoor activities and adventures regularly come to this region. Here, you can enjoy horseback riding, white water rafting, fishing, boat tours, hiking, and much, much more. For instance, the spectacular Lake Arenal is a perfect place for windsurfing. That’s why avid fishermen often visit it. Cano Negro is another popular destination. It is a nature reserve north of La Fortuna and Arenal where travelers can get close to the abundant wildlife.

In conclusion, Costa Rica’s biggest tourist attraction Arenal Volcano, La Catarata de la Fortuna waterfall, and many other adventurous as well as relaxing tourist spots make La Fortuna Costa Rica worth visiting.

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