a k no sabes kienes son!!¿

oi no renueva antia xD
renuevo yo (bea)
y pos na k no se k decir xD
k m apetecia renovar algo
y komo l mio ya lo renove 2 veces ps na..xD
y weno..
ps eso
-k eres mi ija jaj y yo tu vieja komo no xD
-k son las risas kntigo
-k somos las blood sisters xD
-k somos la poya
-k tenemos k ponernos un nombre xD
-k nuestras kanciones son las mjores xD
-k tu puño morao l mejor xD
-k l tenemos k meter a la xepu k a paula no s l rebota nadie ¬¬'
-k nose xD
-k ya m lo toi kurrando dmasiao y ps na..xD

rz kerote

blood sisters siempre =]

-bea yeah blood-


no se q ostia poner...xD

llevame al desfiladero de la muerte...

pos x aki otra vez yo...xDD
pos oi no se q kontar
q solo faltan 8 dias y empezamos las klases ='(
q putada.......=(=(=(=(=(
weno pos q oi dia 1 d enero dl 2oo8...xDD
y q dberia kurrarmelo pero no ai ganas...xDD
xq no se q ostia kontar...xDD
wee pos djo una kancion d iron maiden xDD

α¢α¢ια ανєиυє-ιяσи мαι∂єи
you're feeling down depressed and lonely,
I know a place where we can go.
22 acacia avenue, meet a lady we all know.
So if you're looking for a good time,
And you're prepared to pay the price.
Fifteen quid is all she asks for,
Everybody's got their vice.

If you're waiting for a long time,
For the rest to do their piece.
You can tell her that you know me,
And you might even get it free.
So any time you're down the east end,
Don't you hesitate to go,
You can take my honest word for it,
She'll teach you more than you can know.

Charlotte isn't it time you stopped all this mad life.
Don't you ever think about the bad times.
Why do you have to live this way.
Do you enjoy the lay or is it the pay.

Sometimes when you're strolling down the avenue,
The way you walk, it makes men think
Of having you.
When you're walking down the street,
Everybody stops and turns to stare, at you.

22, the avenue, that's the place where we all go.
You will find it's warm inside,
The red light's burning bright tonight.

Beat her, mistreat her, do anything that you please.
Bite her, excite her, make her get down
On her knees.
Abuse her, misuse her, she can take all
That you've got.
Caress her, molest her, she always does what you want.

You're running away, don't you know
What you're doing.
Can't you see it'll lead you to ruin.
Charlotte you've taken your life
And you've thrown it away.
You believe that because what you're earning,
Your life's good, don't you know that you're hurting,
All the people that love y


aki toi yo
cn fiebre
sgun m padre
tengo tonteria
la verda
entiendo a los ijos q matan a sus padres
es q yo a los mios no los soporto
ijos d puta
komo m dic mi padre
eres una monte d mierda ija d puta
y yo ai
siii si soi una ija d puta
gente dwwww

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