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Overcoming mixed network challenges with SD-WAN

The Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) overlay is expected to revolutionize the way it designs and operates hybrid WANs. So, what should companies consider?
However, many companies are dealing with a much more complex hybrid WAN, which can pose significant challenges. Hybrid WAN means that multiple technologies are integrated to provide an end-to-end solution; this may include MPLS, VPLS, peer-to-peer and Internet VPN. Traffic between end users and applications can span multiple technologies and involve multiple administrative responsibility boundaries. I have been exposed to many multinational companies that operate such networks, and I often hear these complaints:

1. A lot of bandwidth is wasted because the alternate internetwork circuit is often idle to prevent failures on the MPLS network.

2. The performance of Internet applications is often poor because traffic is transmitted back over slower MPLS links and transmitted to the data center Internet breakout point.

3. Application layer reporting is difficult because the network often includes user internal components and vendor-managed components, each with its own system and tools.

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Current WAN or SD-WAN applications,

Compared with current WAN or SD-WAN applications, most of them are based on packet routing. CloudGenix puts special emphasis on the WAN environment they provide. It can be defined by Application-defined Fabric. The routing protocol is used for the network access operation and performance management of the application, and can be processed directly in the policy setting, and the subroutine of the detection and control extension execution can also be extended to the enterprise self-development. , encrypted application.

CloudGenix is characterized by recognizing the many applications of the current network and providing the flexibility of user-defined application services, enabling them to define policies based on different applications and then choose the best path. In the area of network security protection, CloudGenix is a built-in application firewall that provides stateful inspection and can be zone-based based on LAN-WAN and WAN-LAN partitions. Measure application level activities and apply access control list (ACL) management between partitions.

In terms of use cases, CloudGenix's current enterprise use cases are also quite good, no less than the existing WAN equipment vendors. For example: the US private equity investment and investment management company Blackstone Group, outdoor sportswear company Columbia, furniture retailer Restoration Hardware, and healthcare equipment industry Teleflex.

Riverbed combines wide-area optimization with cloud management to extend control of external point networks

Riverbed, known for its WAN-optimized product SteelHead, has been actively entering the SD-WAN space since 2016. They acquired SD-WAN startup Octido in January and announced the SteelConnect series of solutions in April. SD-WAN, which combines their technology with Oceano, and publishes SteelConnect 2.0 five months later.

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SD-WAN | Secure, Global SD-WAN | Cato Networks

Traditional WAN solutions are riddled with the wave of digital transformation. Increasing traffic and increasing voice and video bandwidth consumption with cloud services introduces network bottlenecks and higher cost of ownership. SD-WAN offers a compelling alternative, which is why many companies are accepting it. But SD-WAN is not without challenges, including the quality degradation of sensitive applications such as video and voice, as well as the difficulty of performance management and the breadth of support for different applications and services. In addition, many SD-WAN solutions are not inherently secure, and security is an added solution that is itself a risk to be considered.

Fortinet's FortiGate SD-WAN addresses many of the challenges of secure SD-WAN deployments and is the only NGFW security vendor to receive a "Recommended" rating in NSS Labs' first software-defined WAN report. Voice and video are the two most difficult business-critical features to prevent downgrades, and even in the event of a power outage, the FortiGate SD-WAN has almost no quality loss. Test results also show that the FortiGate SD-WAN delivers outstanding VPN performance and is integrated into Fortinet's award-winning next-generation firewall, which has recently received a "recommended" rating from NSS Labs for the fifth time in a row, blocking 100%. Escape and provide high SSL performance. Combining a high-performance SD-WAN with the award-winning NGFW ensures that organizations enjoy all the benefits of SD-WAN while maintaining data security. The FortiGate SD-WAN solution balances security, performance and value.

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Who will be the big black horse of the market?

The current SD-WAN market is in a period of rapid growth, and the market structure is far from certain. It can be said that all market participants have huge opportunities. So who will become the big black horse in the market?

In my opinion, after the initial development of the SD-WAN market, the market competition has entered the next stage. In addition to products and technologies, the market participants need to have a business model and service capabilities that are closer to the market. To support.

First, SD-WAN product features will pursue a safer and better business experience. In particular, the potential security issues of SD-WAN have become increasingly prominent. SD-WAN applications have created new attack surfaces for ransomware, APT, and worms. At present, most SD-WAN solutions only support IPSec VPN and basic stateful security, and the complex attacks against new threats and application layers are pale. In terms of service experience, not only does SD-WAN require business intelligence traffic scheduling, but how to shape and optimize the WAN transmission data to further enhance the business experience is the king.

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SD-WAN new track, opening up new space for Fortine

According to the global market research firm IHS-Markit's fourth-quarter 2018 global SD-WAN provider revenue ranking, Fortinet is ranked 6th, becoming one of the fastest growing SD-WAN providers in the world.

Gartner predicts that by 2023, 90% of the wide-area edge networks will be deployed based on SD-WAN. In Gartner's Magic Quadrant for the 2018 WAN Edge Infrastructure, Fortinet is in the Challenger Quadrant and leads the way in vision and execution. Fortinet, a 20-year entrepreneur, was founded by Chinese student Xie Qing and became the absolute leader in UTM (Unified Threat Management). Xie Qing also became a member of the National Academy of Engineering. Since Fortinet landed on NASDAQ in 2009, its share price has doubled.On July 5, 2019, Chen Hongxiang, Vice President of Fortinet North Asia, and Li Hongkai, General Manager of Fortinet China, talked about the company's new direction and commitment to the Chinese market at Fortinet's new office in Beijing. It also revealed the success of Fortinet's 20 years of existence. Secret.

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