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Who will be the big black horse of the market?

The current SD-WAN market is in a period of rapid growth, and the market structure is far from certain. It can be said that all market participants have huge opportunities. So who will become the big black horse in the market?

In my opinion, after the initial development of the SD-WAN market, the market competition has entered the next stage. In addition to products and technologies, the market participants need to have a business model and service capabilities that are closer to the market. To support.

First, SD-WAN product features will pursue a safer and better business experience. In particular, the potential security issues of SD-WAN have become increasingly prominent. SD-WAN applications have created new attack surfaces for ransomware, APT, and worms. At present, most SD-WAN solutions only support IPSec VPN and basic stateful security, and the complex attacks against new threats and application layers are pale. In terms of service experience, not only does SD-WAN require business intelligence traffic scheduling, but how to shape and optimize the WAN transmission data to further enhance the business experience is the king.

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SD-WAN new track, opening up new space for Fortine

According to the global market research firm IHS-Markit's fourth-quarter 2018 global SD-WAN provider revenue ranking, Fortinet is ranked 6th, becoming one of the fastest growing SD-WAN providers in the world.

Gartner predicts that by 2023, 90% of the wide-area edge networks will be deployed based on SD-WAN. In Gartner's Magic Quadrant for the 2018 WAN Edge Infrastructure, Fortinet is in the Challenger Quadrant and leads the way in vision and execution. Fortinet, a 20-year entrepreneur, was founded by Chinese student Xie Qing and became the absolute leader in UTM (Unified Threat Management). Xie Qing also became a member of the National Academy of Engineering. Since Fortinet landed on NASDAQ in 2009, its share price has doubled.On July 5, 2019, Chen Hongxiang, Vice President of Fortinet North Asia, and Li Hongkai, General Manager of Fortinet China, talked about the company's new direction and commitment to the Chinese market at Fortinet's new office in Beijing. It also revealed the success of Fortinet's 20 years of existence. Secret.

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How can SD-WAN solutions improve network performan

In the 2016 National WAN Report Survey, respondents were asked to indicate the factors that had the greatest impact on their WAN. Considering that unlike the regional network, the WAN has     some performance limiting features, such as packet loss and high latency, so it is not surprising that two of the top five factors expressed by respondents are related to performance. As we are experiencing a fundamental shift from traditional WAN to SD-WAN, it is now an important time to understand how SD-WAN solutions can improve network performance.d bandwidth

Typical WANs operate at megabit speeds due to the way service providers charge for corporate WAN links such as MPLS, while typical LANs operate at gigabit speeds. One advantage of SD-WAN is that it allows network organizations to narrow this gap by making full use of relatively inexpensive Internet bandwidth. There is no doubt that in some cases, increasing bandwidth can improve performance. However, if any, the relationship between performance improvement and increased bandwidth is rarely linear. To understand this, please refer to an example where a large file is sent from the WAN link from Boston to San Francisco. If the bandwidth of the WAN link is doubled, the time required to send the file may be reduced, but it is unlikely to be reduced by half. This kind of thing is caused by many reasons. One reason is the TCP window size, which is the amount of data that can be sent before the sending device stops waiting for an acknowledgment from the receiving device. Sticking to file transfers, it is likely that file transfers will not take full advantage of the increased bandwidth due to the size of the TCP window, and may only see negligible improvements in performance.

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The stability of the public network

The stability of the public network is usually not as good as the dedicated line, so the Virtual WAN is loaded with load balancing on the logical lines of multiple lines. Dynamically distribute traffic and stabilize the aggregation line according to the load conditions of the current lines. On the other hand, Virtual WAN can aggregate Internet connections from different SPs to improve stability.


Finally got to the point. The Virtual WAN mentioned earlier is actually part of the SD-WAN. It is now widely accepted that SD-WAN should have the following four functions:

Support a variety of connection methods, MPLS, frame relay, LTE, Public Internet and so on.

The SD-WAN combines the Virtual WAN with the traditional WAN to make an overlay on top of it. For the application, there is no need to know exactly what the underlying WAN connection is. In a scenario where a traditional WAN is not required, the SD-WAN is a Virtual WAN.

Ability to dynamically select links between multiple connections for load balancing or resource resiliency.

Similar to Virtual WAN, multiple paths are dynamically selected. If SD-WAN is connected to both MPLS and the Internet, some important application traffic, such as VoIP, can be offloaded to MPLS to ensure application availability. For some application traffic that is less sensitive to bandwidth or stability, such as file transfers, it can be offloaded to the Internet. This reduces the reliance of enterprises on MPLS. Or, the Internet can serve as a backup connection for MPLS. When MPLS fails, at least the WAN network of the enterprise is not disconnected.

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SDN vs MPLS  - The Difference in the Details

In the first quarter of this year, the company’s revenue was 952 million yuan, an increase of 9.81%. The SD-WAN project entered the top 3 US and Japanese telecom operators in the world, and the cargo momentum was strong, contributing 20% of the first quarter revenue. In addition to the successive shipments of last year's projects, and new projects from US customers are underway, it has become one of the main growth kinetics this year. It is reported that the US customers also sent representatives of deputy general level cadres to attend the Ruiqi electric signing ceremony. .

The legal person pointed out that this year, the company will benefit from the internal demand of the parent company Huahan, as well as the international telecom and software factory cooperation projects, and the shipments of the communication products, industrial control wide temperature and cloud network security equipment are strong, and the structure will go The expansion of high-end products will help to improve profitability, and will have the Group's manufacturing capacity and economies of scale. This year's revenue and profit estimates are double-digit.

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