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REI CHAN Ai ga areba nandemo dekiro.KAZE!
with my big love! JILL-kun !!

cats are what I like most of the world are the most beautiful!and mine much more!!!!!!!!!

I want to thank you very much for signing ever!!


On a night like no other, the cats will be on the night flying, kittens jump cercaspero the only cercadificil is your vidaunos black, I want blancosyo other equally small amiguitosnadie can match.!!!!!!!

He came to my home on May 2nd!
The kitten JILL-kun

He was born only several months ago.
Awfully cute.

The moment I saw him at the pet shop,
I immediately decided that
I had to take the little guy home.
I bought a toilet, food and everything,
and played with JILL all through that day.

Animals are healing, aren't they...

When I was little,
I thought that "keeping" a pet = the human "ruled over" the animal,
and thought that
was the biggest human egoism.
A person keeping a pet would always
want to dominate, and get intoxicated by a
"you can't live without me"
feeling of superiority.

once I started living with an animal I understood,
it's not like that at all, isn't it?

It was amazing.

As if your family expanded.

Now living alone is no longer lonesome.
Now when I return home tired, there will be someone waiting for me.
When I feel depressed he will heal me.
So maybe it's human egoism after all?
But even so, at least for me,
I see JILL as an equal
and intend for us to live as a family.

Anyway, what I wanted to say today,
is that prejudices and bad assumptions are scary things.

That, really, people don't live with animals
because of arrogant feelings like
"everyone wants to revel in their feeling of superiority"
or "I want to control something".

People wish to fill a void,
are simply lonesome,
want to feel for someone,
want to be with someone.

Would that be animal instinct?

At least JILL won't betray me,
so I feel we will be able to build a good trusting relationship.

Now the time I spend at home may increase even more...

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Última foto del fotolog de Rin_Sutcliff
Rin_Sutcliff · El 28/02/2009 a las 02:17


te dejo mis saludos!!1

q tengas un feliz dia!!!

nos leemos

Foto de Rose.Mary
Rose.Mary · El 28/02/2009 a las 02:27

soo cute!!
me encanto el gatito!!!

bueno amiga!!
que tengas un hermoso dia y fin de semana!!
mil besos!!
y te deseo siempre todo lo mejor!!
bye bye!!


Lucy Cullen!

Foto de crimosita
crimosita · El 28/02/2009 a las 03:16

hola amiga mia
espero que te encuentres bien muy linda imagen la que pusiste bueno espero que
estes muy bien cuidate un beso enorme bay

Última foto del fotolog de neko-sakura-hime
neko-sakura-hime · El 28/02/2009 a las 03:41

Hola te invito
a que pases a mi nuevo flog
bueno nos vemos
te pasas y me firmas
de tu amiwa

Última foto del fotolog de h2ocer
h2ocer · El 28/02/2009 a las 06:40


linda tu pic
espero andes bien!!

te veo por
mi flog


Última foto del fotolog de sacabeza
sacabeza · El 28/02/2009 a las 08:49

Que foto mas original.

Última foto del fotolog de hyde_3
hyde_3 · El 28/02/2009 a las 09:15

salido bien tu foto sales wapa tu gato ta bien bueno kiss nos vemos arigato nii cha

Foto de the_Queen_of_dragons
the_Queen_of_dragons · El 28/02/2009 a las 12:15

hola mi kerida amiga Keiko
como estas?...
yo estoy de moment bn jiji^^
sales wapa en la foto y k gatito mas kuko jiji^^
yo tengo una perrita...
algun dia si kieres pongo una fotito de mi perrita Blanca^^
bueno kerida amiga te dejo una frase de las mias:
"Si estas preocupada,si necesitas hablar,si necesitas alguien k te consuele...¡¡¡Yo siempre estare a ki pa ayudarte en too lo k aga falta!!!"

bueno cuidate wapa y k te valla bn

besos de tu siempre amiga k esta a ki pa lo k necesites


Foto de User 4617652
User 4617652 · El 28/02/2009 a las 13:41

muchas gracias por pasarte ^^
me ayudas a consegir 20 comentarios?
muchas gracias!

Última foto del fotolog de sailormarsss
sailormarsss · El 28/02/2009 a las 14:54

gracias todos!
quiero yo mucho!

keiko k