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9 Different Types of Gantry Crane

Manufacturers design and create different types of gantry cranes. Gantry cranes, therefore, have different lifting and load capacities. You should use gantry cranes in almost any industry for their great deal of styles and sizes. And you can use them for a wide array of lifting jobs. You, however, need to choose the right gantry crane to your lifting job.

Here are the different types of gantry cranes:

1. Full Gantry Crane

It will be the normal configuration of the overhead gantry crane (cầu trục cổng trục). It arrives with a hoist, cross beam, and legs. Also, it is portable and mobile. Full gantry cranes may be found in various sizes. It is possible to move as it is a compact and portable gantry crane.

2. Semi Gantry Crane

A semi gantry crane incorporates a hoist, trolley, crane mechanism, bridge, and one leg. It is only a combination of the gantry and overhead cranes. If you can install your semi gantry crane below an overhead crane, you may increase work efficiency. You can install your semi gantry crane outdoors or indoors.

3. Adjustable Gantry Crane

You will find both portable and fixed adjustable gantry cranes. You may adjust the horizontal beam, width, and height of your adjustable gantry crane to provide what you need. It is good for make use of an adjustable due to the convenience and adaptability.

4. Portable Gantry Crane

A transportable gantry crane can be a very light crane. You may mount it on casters or wheels. It is among the most affordable solutions for lifting loads. So, if you do not plan to apply your crane regularly, you can choose a portable gantry crane. It is easy to move them around in the facility.

5. Double Girder Gantry Crane

It is an appropriate gantry crane for extremely durable jobs because of its excellent stability, large span, and powerful bearing capacity. A double girder gantry crane can lift a huge selection of tons. Should you be looking for the very best gantry crane for heavy loads, then you definitely ought to choose a double girder gantry crane. https://aicranes.vn/cong-truc-dam-doi/

6. Single Girder Gantry Crane

A single girder gantry crane features a hoist, controls, crane drive, cross beam, support legs, and main beam. It uses different kinds of lifting hoists. It might adapt to any working condition. You are going to, however, should consider the kind of work before you choose the lifting hoists.

7. Box Gantry Crane

A box gantry crane has greater load capacity along with a long bridge span as a result of style of the package girder gantry crane. It is ideal for the heaviest lifting jobs due to double box design. If you fail to install an overhead crane, you can put in a box gantry crane instead.

8. Truss Gantry Crane

A truss gantry crane is really a lightweight gantry crane and will come in different spans and heights. They have small wheel pressure. The lifting capacity of your truss gantry crane is a hundred tons.

9. Workstation Gantry Crane

A workstation gantry crane is also lightweight gantry crane. It is actually suitable for lifting lighter materials and goods. It really is portable and mobile. As soon as you load it, it remains stationary and stable. It is perfect for lifting workpieces and moving them to a workbench.

These represent the different types of gantry cranes out there. You will need to consider your lifting job prior to selecting your gantry crane.

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