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Última foto del fotolog de Jaehyuk
Jaehyuk · El 17/08/2010 a las 19:31

-No One can Hold ur life, because you decide ur own destiny
-I really apreciat when someone gives its maximun, because it shows me that I can do te same
-The reality doesnt defines everythig, its only a draft of what you can do
-Theres an unstopable force in this world we have, and we know it like dreams
-Its a beautiful and magic moment, stayin a minute woth you
-My only wish is you can achieve urs
-Its time I get on the stage and play the role I want
-My spirit can be hurted, but never defeated
-The real chalenge is achievin our goals with our friends
-With the sky as my Canvas, I will paint my world
-The curiosity is the most dangerous and incredible human ability
-Lose the fear and get uo to try again
-You know Ill follow You and keep you strong
-Step by step, every thing you do is up to you
-Run for your dreams, but walk with the life

Última foto del fotolog de Rin_Sutcliff
Rin_Sutcliff · El 18/08/2010 a las 09:23


Bellisimaaaa la imagen de Yamamoto de 10 años en el futuro!!Lo amo y lo adoro!!!^o^

Matte ne!

Última foto del fotolog de Fuu.Chan
Fuu.Chan · El 18/08/2010 a las 11:22


si!! sta geniall aunk higurashi
no la e visto haha pero ya la vere *-*
aunk creo k es peor k sta haha

gracias por aber pasado!! por cierto
las frases estaann genialess me gustann muxoo

cuidate!! ja ne!

Última foto del fotolog de Jaehyuk
Jaehyuk · El 18/08/2010 a las 21:04

-I will make the ending of a dream, the opening of a better one
-Whichever the outcome is, I will acept it and continue my path
-When I put my heart with my friends, we can make achieve anything
-I want a lot of thngs, but ur love is definetly the first one
-Its hard to stand up with just one memory, but not imposible
-Broken Heart can be so bad, but its not permanent
-Maybe Im not the most responsible one, but whenever I fail I will face the results
-I will never let a friend alone, because its another way to showin my trust in him
-I want to remember all my past, even the painful parts, because it will show me who really Im and what I really want

Última foto del fotolog de kikystar
kikystar · El 21/08/2010 a las 19:43

holaa amigoo!!
aca paso a devolverte el rayoncitoo!!
jajaja tmb estamos de chorralin!!
sabes q no hay problemaaaa!!!:D
te amndo cariñoss!
buen domingoo!
te cuidas!
matta neee!!;D

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