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Phoebe Tonkin photo shoot 'Russh' 2013

I am…
An actress

I would describe my job as…
Lots of different people, characters, costumes and countries.

I am lucky because…
I get to recreate stories from other people’s imaginations.

If I could change one thing about myself I would…
Have taken up an instrument and stuck with it when I was younger. Violin, piano, guitar – they all lasted less then 2 years.

It would’t surprise me if…
I moved to a little remote island one day and had lots of tan, sandy haired children running around barefoot.

The most interesting person I have ever met is…
Teresa Palmer, my soul sister and co-creator of www.yourzenlife.com. Tez is so insanely sweet, beautiful and goofy but would take down anyone if they tried to hurt anyone she loved. She is a warrior fairy.

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