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Nefertari Vivi

Vivi has long blue hair, which normally has two bangs hanging down, one either side of her head. She will mostly have her hair pulled back into a clip or a ponytail. She is also very slender-bodied, having long thin legs and arms. She tends to wear less revealing or alluring clothing than other females who have assoicated themselves with the crew (Nami and Robin). Though she is a princess, she rarely seems to wear clothing that suggests her social status.

One of the noteworthy things about her appearance is that when she was a member of Baroque Works, she seemed to have been drawn slightly differently. While she was a member, she was drawn as though she were a woman in her late twenties or early thirties. It was only after she allied herself with the Straw Hats that she was drawn to look more like a teenage girl (E.g. slightly bigger/rounder facial features, less shaped body). This was more noticable in the anime than the manga, where the animators drew her in such a different way she could almost be mistaken for another character completely. Also, as a member, she did not have bangs untill she was attacked by Miss Valentine, making another noticable difference.

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