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Chris Weitz opens the door to his beach house looking like a wilted rose. He’s unshaven, pale and wearing clothes he appears to have found wadded in a ball on his bedroom floor. It’s exactly the way you’d expect to find the director the morning after his movie The Twilight Saga: The New Moon opened around the world to numbers no one thought possible. But Weitz isn’t recovering from a long night of revelry. He’s just exhausted. In the last ten days, he’s been in more time zones than the sun, on the last stretch of promotional duties for his movie. “I’m at the point of physical collapse,” says Weitz, 40. “Hopefully I will now lapse into obscurity. That’s my plan.”

We can think of 140 million reasons that’s not going to happen – all of them dollars. On opening weekend, New Moon made the kind of money usually reserved for comic-book heroes and boy wizards, breaking records for midnight screenings and Friday box office. More significantly, Weitz has made the highest grossing female-oriented movie since James Cameron opened Titanic in 1997. And, with Sandra Bullock scoring a career best opening with $34.5 million for The Blind Side, he’s taken part in one of the most female-driven weekends in history–one that should wake up whatever Hollywood executives still underestimate the spending power of the purse. Still, Weitz won’t make any grand claims for himself. “The degree of credit I can take is limited,” he says. “I’m just the glorified conductor.”

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hannahlafnagel · El 20/12/2009 a las 16:44

hola, guapísim@, bonita pick, please pásate y comenta de k team eres, del de edward o del de jacob

k tal??? yo bien y tu??'
x cierto, FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!!
y prospero año 2010

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