REI CHAN Ai ga areba nandemo dekiro.KAZE!
thanks to all my fans I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

has been a while since my last appearance in this beautiful page and also in many health problems because I had to retire and have not had time to connect to the internet all, I want to thank all my fans for always being by my side supporting me in difficult moments and see my pages even more beautiful than before thanks! I am very happy to be back with you I have done very much to all! I love you!
thanks and kisses from my country thanks


so long without being free to move to greet all my friends on this page I'm sorry but I've been working hard studying here but I've got again! thank you all for your love and support for my work and my thanks!
to all my fans I love you !!!!!!!!!!!

thank all friends

hinyari hanabira wo
nigiri shimeteru
eien ga tsudzuku you na kumo no kire ma
mieta kigashita no

futatsu no yume fureru yubisaki
namida mau haru no hi
riyuu nanka mitsu kara nai
sugu tachi domaru
tsuyoku nareru no? itsuka ha

zutto sagasu shiroi tenshi no sugata
kitto futte kuru
atarashii watashi kureru hane

kazahana tsuretette maboroshi no Eden made
kokode nara sukoshi dake ha
sunao ni nareru kamo ne
kami-sama nante inai
dakedo dare ka shinjitai
ima ha mada otona ni naritakunai
sakura fubuki hiso ka ni

murasaki rairakku kaoru koro ni ha
tooi yuki no kioku ha
massara ni sarasara nagareteku

zutto ouwa
kono fukai mori no mukou
kitto matte iru
isshoni aruite kureru hito

toori ame yo yande
yozora ga mite mitai no
koko de nara toki ga tomaru
shoujo no mama de itai
kami-sama nante inai
dakedo nani ka shinjitai
sonna koto omou
oboro tsukiyo
sakura fubuki toketeku

kami-sama nante inai
dakedo dare ka shinjitai
ima ha mada toki wo tomete
otona ni narenai kara

kami-sama nante inai
dakedo nani ka shinjitai
sonna koto omou
oboro tsukiyo
sakura fubuki toketeku


my beautiful friends and fans, sorry for being absent so many days without connecting, but I have many days of hard work and I have no time to relax really hope I understand forgiveness!
wanted to let you know that you never forget and that you always carry in my heart thanks to you because I am what I am right now thanks for the cards you always get from my fans for their support and love for my work by all the words so beautiful I get my pages in all that and more thanks!

'm sorry copy and paste these letters but I have only one little hour free to rest I'm very tired but very happy for your baby. Here I leave a video with all my love for you to try to answer all but if I can I am very sorry! I love you so much respond to everyone but me is impossible I leave with you some words of love in all my pages for you with new photos and new works that I do just for you

with all my love!!!!

keiko kitagawa 'm missing this time

my friends do not feel much at all these days for my job back but I have not had much time to be with my computer, I hope that excuses is what I understand and appreciate

i love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Burning quietly is the way I do it
A preemptive attack is the same in love and war
Even when I'm dreaming my heart burns hotly
When I think I want something I have to grab onto it

When for some reason there is
A thirst inside my heart
I become gentle
And love somebody

Unafraid of danger
I believe in myself
Shoot a burning arrow
A red flash of light!

*Flame sniper, entrusting my burning feelings in my arrow
Flame sniper, aiming at my target, it will not escape
Flame sniper, catching the heart that is burning hotly
Flame sniper, make yourself prepared, my target is you

When we first met, yes then
I saw the future
A premonition
I can't stop anymore

Unafraid of danger
I find my courage
Shoot a burning arrow
A red burst of passion!


And away from trees and burning deaths
I was approached to sing!
I remember the high flame;
the great forests that burn your hand;
knocked down the walls
among the voices that trouble sailing;
and the metal of the war
where to run as a blind vein.

I remember the great secret
to keep you in my bones,
when the slow hours
Summer hides you
on each flower thirsty.

And I love you, son of Air,
House Fire of Love Boat-Air
boat of the day in the Air!
Only tree awake through death!
More that only death!